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You want to be the best version of a leader you can be. You have teams to manage. You want to help staff reach their full potential.

But you know the organisational culture is lacking. It could be improved. You also know some staff are unhappy. Not performing to their best. In fact, some are very time poor, anxious and depressed.

You are passionate about leading your corporation to become a place of excellence. An employer of choice.

However, you’re not sure how to go about implementing these changes. Instigating wellness as a value to strive for. What to do next….

I totally get it!

After working in large and medium sized accounting firms I started my own business. Due to the heavy responsibility of managing others and dealing with clients I became very unwell.

Pushing myself to the limit I became exhausted, overworked, stressed to the max and I zipped on by to burnout. I was afraid to put up my hand and say I was not coping. I thought others would think I was a failure. So, I sacrificed my health instead.

It took a long time but I finally turned my adversity into my passion. I now have a burning desire to influence leaders to help them mobilise their staff and lead them out of stress and mental health issues, into a culture of wellness. Adopting wellness as a value. Having a structured approach to increasing corporate wellness.

I use scientifically researched tools, methods and technology. These have been tested and proven by thousands of people world-wide, for well over thirty years. So, we know these work.

My objective is to help you and your staff adopt new habits so that a culture of wellness is ingrained into your psyche, your corporate culture.

Every couple of weeks I’ll give you the latest information on new research, personal insights and those of thought leaders, inspiring stories and best practices that will accelerate you towards achieving your leadership goals.  I’ll tell you what is working and how it can work for you.

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