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Celine is available for in-house talks, events, conferences and company Training. Topics include: Stress, Increasing Resilience, Mental Health, Organisational Culture, Embodies Leaderships, Leaders and Leadership Style, and Wellness.

Hear Celine speak about one of her favourite topics on stress and mental health issues and how they can be reduced, either at the personal level, or within groups in corporations.

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Topics can also be tailored to your company needs.

November 12-13th, 2018 : Melbourne, Australia

30th International Conference on Mental and Behavioral Health Topic:
An Understanding of Stress as Basis of Mental Health Issues”  

September, 27-28th, 2018 : Gold Coast, Australia

The 2018 National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference Committee  Workshop Topic: “When you can resolve the stress underlying your weight issues then you will be able to manage it”

May 22/23 rd, 2018 : Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference Sydney, Sheraton Hotel

Guest panellist speaking on: Innovative approaches to managing anxiety and depression in the workplace. Celine Healy has been invited as a guest expert panelist speaking on: Innovative approaches to managing anxiety and depression in the workplace.

April, 30th Monday 2018 : Business Made Better – Central Coast

‘How to Resolve Stress in 2018’

See sideshow here:

March, 20th Tuesday 2018 : Illawarra Business in Heels

Guest on Expert Networking Panel

– Convenor Emma Grima

March, 15th Thursday 2018 : Management CPA Group

Celine Healy presented at CPA Sydney to the Management Accounting Discussion Group on 15 March 2018. Her topic “How Overcoming Stress in 2018 is THE key to boosting success in all areas of your life” resonated with everyone on the night. Celine’s presentation approach was very clear and easy to understand. Her simple tips and demonstrations of breathing techniques was very engaging and enabled all those present to take away something they could practice at home. Celine is a very capable and knowledgeable presenter and is able to custom-fit the information she shares to a diverse audience. Kind regards

– Suzie Livrinska

February, Friday 23rd 2018 : South Coast Women in Building & Construction, Wollongong.

‘How Overcoming Stress in 2018 is THE KEY to Boosting Success in All Areas of Your Life.’

  It was with great pleasure that South Coast Women in Building & Construction enjoyed a presentation by Celine Healy on “Stress to Success” It was a very enlightening and intriguing aspect of approaching a stress “resolution” with audience participation and positive feedback from women representing many aspects of the building industry. Thank you Celine! Kind regards,

– Maxine Wiseman JP , Director South Coast Women in Building & Construction (SCWIB)

February, Thursday 22nd 2018 : Assoc Members Networking Group CPA HQ

‘How to Resolve Stress Scientifically‘

“I had the pleasure of inviting Celine to talk to our members, who are of the young professional demographic. I wasn’t sure what to expect having never been to one of Celine’s workshops or talks. Celine was able to impress our members, myself included with her:

  • Depth of knowledge regarding stress
  • Professionalism
  • Passion and willingness to help others

Our members spoke nothing but positives afterwards and were pleasantly surprised by the level of scientific reasoning and methodology in what Celine presented on stress. Happily recommend Celine as a speaker on her subject matter on all things stress related!–  Ben Tse , CPA

October, Monday 23rd 2017 : Small and Medium Enterprise CPA Discussion Group CPA Australia, Harrington Street, Sydney.

‘Resolving Stress the Scientific Way’

Thanks so much for coming to share your journey and your insights at our CPA seminar series recently. It was refreshing and helpful to hear your journey in your career.

As someone who has battled burn-out and career/ organisation fit I am always encouraged to hear another person’s journey to wholeness and well-being. I would love to hear more …

I found Celine’s talk at the CPA discussion seminar helpful. It was helpful to understand the scientific effects of stress on the body, the link between the conscious and subconscious mind taking deep breaths as a necessary and simple remedy to help relieve stress.

Spending 80% of your time and energy on your innate skills and abilities was also a key resonating statement.

It was encouraging to hear Celine’s journey and career path from stress to a place of empowerment which lead to a healthier wellbeing, lifestyle, change in career path to writing a book and starting her own business.

Thank you for sharing your career and personal journey with us Celine.


September, Wednesday 13th 2017 : Hornsby CPA Discussion Group

‘Resolving Stress the Scientific Way’
Vote of Thanks from Horns by District CPA Discussion Group Meeting – 13th September 2017

Please accept our sincere thanks for your “Stress to Success” presentation at Hornsby District CPA Discussion Group monthly meeting. The topic you communicated to our Discussion Group Members was very timely and gave the opportunity to ask questions on how to handle stress and strategies to take on board. We are very appreciative of your valuable time, knowledge and effort in this presentation. Members totally enjoyed the one-hour talk. I hope we can invite you back again to talk at our future monthly meetings.

Kerryn Goddard, FCPA, Convenor – Horn sby District CPA Discussion Group

September, Tuesday 5th, 2017 : St George Business Accountants

‘Resolving Stress Scientifically’

Dealing with stress has been an issue identified with many of our clients as well as for ourselves personally. What Celine had to deliver was an informative piece of research that has given us a new insight on how to deal with stress and what are the root causes.

Our group was very impressed with her knowledge and have taken her
advice on challenging our everyday issues.


August, Thursday 24th, 2017 : CPA University of New South Wales

‘Stress to Success in the Workplace’

Looking forward to meeting you this Thursday and thanks again for making the
time to present in our CPA Discussion Group!

Really appreciated your presentation! Jeanne Zhu Senior Technical Specialist Finance |UNSW SYDNEY

Christine Sabile – Convenor
Manager Budgeting and Management Reporting- Faculties & Divisions | Finance UNSW Sydney

July, Tuesday 11th, 2017 : Hills District CPA Accountants Discussion Group

Stress to Success – The Scientific Way’

On behalf of the Hills District Accountants’ Discussion Group I would like to thank you for the presentation you conducted on Tuesday night. It was a most enlightening presentation where I learned that the correct method of breathing can have such an effect on stress levels that all accountants tend to suffer from.
It was amazing to see the demonstration of the software being used to measure Mrs Porter’s stress levels and what changes occurred when her breathing patterns changed.
The techniques you demonstrated in relation to stress resolution will take some time for me to apply but I am sure it will help me in dealing with the stressed I confront in my own practice.

Colin Harrison – Convenor

March, Thursday 16th, 2017 : Menai Accountants

Stress To Success In The Workplace

Amanda Ward CPA – Convenor

March, Tuesday 14th, 2017 : Women’s Network Australia

Thank you for offering to be a WNA Online Event | Business Insights presenter.

I have much pleasure in confirming the details of the online session, which is being held on Tuesday, 14 March, 2017.

The topic you will be presenting on is ‘Stress To Success In Just Five Easy Steps’.

Thank you Celine for sharing your expertise with the Women’s Network Australia members who recently attended our Hour of Power forum. Your stress busting techniques and strategies are both unique and innovative and everyone who participated gained so much from the knowledge you imparted. Your departure from the stayed and traditional methods commonly used to eliminate stress gave everyone a fresh perspective on how to handle the stress of the 24/7 world we now all live in. The content of your presentation and strategies are essential for businesswomen across the globe.

Lynette Palmen AM Advancing Women, Mentor, Board Member.

February, Wednesday 22nd, 2017 : Bankstown Commerce And Industry

“Stress To Success In The Workplace”

  Geoff Sadler CPA – Convenor

February 16th, 2017 : CPA Australia – Wollongong Discussion Group

“How to Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life”

“Celine said to fix stress, you have to go back to the source, which in most cases
is something we learnt as a child. When I heard that I felt like getting up and
cheering, because, firstly I totally agree with the statement and my own life
experience is proof as to the correctness of the statement.

It is a fact that in the first 3 years I live is when a person learns the most,
therefore what Celine said that to understand why a person stressed out most
probably means they have to go back to their childhood.

It is rare to attend a seminar and to hear a person saying things that I have
been believed for years, then look around the audience and see all the
nonverbal “yes I understand what you are saying”

February 15th 2017 : Parramatta Practising Accountants Discussion Group

“How to Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life”

Peter Liesch – Convenor

Once again thank you for presenting at our meeting last night. Your presentation was very insightful and generated some great discussion.

Helen Porter

November Wed 16th, 2016 : Parramatta Commerce & Industry Accountants Discussion Group

“How to Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life”

The Parramatta Commerce and Industry CPA Discussion group received a
presentation from Celine Healy covering Stress in the Workplace.

Celine explained her journey from accountant to stress resolution coach and
identified the key strategies to help manage and reduce stress.

Celine was successful in explaining how accountants are subjected to daily
stresses and how important it is to reduce and overcome its negative factors.
She also emphasised how stress can impact your health and wellbeing,
performance and motivation.

Celine made a very good connection with the group and demonstrated
techniques to help reduce stress. She also demonstrated a stress management
software tool that monitors stress levels which would be invaluable in
measuring stress and its reduction.

Our CPA Discussion group thoroughly enjoyed the night and came away with
techniques to help reduce their stress levels, resulting in an improvement in
health and wellbeing.

John Bligh – Convenor

As a presenter, Celine has been described as

‘authentic, engaging, confident, authoritative, intelligent, clear,
connected to her audience, compelling, likeable, Enthusiastic,
passionate, trustworthy, congruent, exciting, motivated, dynamic,
impressive, experienced and an expert’. — Michelle Bowden

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