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The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Powerful Personal Success in Life (Inspiring Individuals and Leadership)

How to be a success in life

Let’s face it.

We all want to have personal success in life.  But. Sometimes we don’t know how to go about achieving the success in life we desire.

Many people are successful in life. And. They may not be rich and famous, either. However, they leave clues. Some of them are gurus who write about their personal successes. They develop courses around how to be successful in life.

There are lots of tips and strategies out there on how to be a success in life.

If you feel you are running out of time, you need to be able to short-cut your journey to achieving the success in life you desire. So, you might need to follow a different strategy from a much younger person.

In this simple, easy-to-understand comprehensive guide to achieving personal success in life, you’ll learn:

  • That the journey you have been taking may have commenced from the wrong starting point
  • What has been thwarting your efforts to achieve a successful life and what the benefits are of understanding the meaning of success
  • What the traditionalist’s say about how to achieve personal success and ways to do that
  • Why success in life is important and how you too can become successful in life
  • Why education is a major key to success and what factors underpin that focus on success
  • What is the new secret of success, that absolute key to success in life
  • What are the ways, and how to achieve that success, so that you can become rich and successful in life

… and much more

By the end you will have all of the necessary information you need to become personally successful in life, a virtual abundance and prosperity machine.

Let’s get started.

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1. What does success in life mean?

For most people success in life means being in a better position from where they are at present. This involves comparing yourself with others and their status and then contrasting this with your own position to highlight the differences. This then leads to a feeling of being deficient, of a feeling of lack. This feeling of lack then propels people into a competitive mode whereby they set out on a path to improve, be better or to over-take those they compared themselves to.

Personal successes in life
Personal successes in life

The generally accepted view of what success implies includes: more money, more status, greater significance, free from constraints and finally being happy.

The interesting thing is that to be a success in life you have to change what you are doing now, and, adopt a more fruitful approach. This takes time and effort because you don’t find true success in life by accident. (winning the lottery does not count here as being an example of being successful.)

People who are truly successful in life are very intentional.

  • They do the hard work.
  • They figure out what they want most.
  • Narrow it down, and
  •  Work on those specific elements.

The other interesting fact is that successful people think differently and feel differently from others. It is not just about the possessions or the achievement of the specific goal. It is about an overall feeling of wellbeing. This sense of wellbeing enables them to move to higher levels of achievement, of self-actualisation. From that position they are able to give back, to make their contribution, to leave their legacy. If success is about being in a more preferred position, and that’s what you desire, then read on.

2. The benefits of being successful in life

If you’re thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice, being successful. All of my troubles will be over…”

In fact, that may well be the case.

If you do not have to worry about:

  • How much money you have to pay the bills and buy food
  • Whether you can afford a holiday, or extra clothes, or pay the rent
  • How people treat you or even whether you care about their opinions
  • That you finally feel good enough and can let go and be yourself
  • Making your contribution to the world, accepting others and feeling happy….

… then perhaps you have already arrived and can feel the benefits of being and feeling successful in life.

How to be a success in life
How to be a success in life

The real benefits of being truly successful are that you will feel different. When you feel different you will be able to express yourself with more integrity.

When you feel different you will have different thoughts and these thoughts will transpire into more successful behaviours.

Those are the real benefits of being truly successful in life:

  • new thoughts
  • new feelings and
  • new actions and behaviours.

3. Why success in life is important

Humans have an inbuilt biological mechanism that propels them forward. It is an inherent need.  It also helps them seek out balance when they get overwhelmed and out of sync. This mechanism also activates entropy – a natural process of energy being used up and the entity eventually dying.

How to be a success in life

We all seek meaning and purpose in our lives and this also propels us to want more, do more, and be more.

So, the achievement of success in life is already inbuilt into our body/minds and our spirits. This mechanism moves us to achieve. To be better. To find this purpose and make the contribution that we all want to make in our lives. It’s like leaving a legacy so that your time on this planet, your worth and your deeds, will have impact, and you will be remembered.

So, if we have this mechanism pushing us forward naturally, we all want to be able to live up to that standard that we have set for ourselves. Or. The ones our parents have set or expect for us. Or. From those hidden societal and environmental expectations that arise within certain careers.

Why success is important in life is because it gives us a sense of achievement. Those achievements act as milestones along the way towards fulfilling our purpose in life. Success is like a measuring stick. It tells us if we have improved.

4. How to get started on being successful in life

In any success endeavour and because everyone’s individual desire to be successful in life has a different slant, necessarily, you will need to work out what that means for you, specifically.

For an alcoholic, a drug addict or a depressed person, this simply may mean getting through the day sober or happier, one-day-at-a-time.

Success in life
Success in life

For someone who needs more money, being successful in life may mean having a job, getting a wage rise or doubling their income.

For someone who does not have those constraints, being successful in life might mean gaining more respect, being considered a good person, or feeling more significance in their own life.

So, in essence, to get started you will need to work out what this means for you, delineate a starting position, and then write down an end position of where you want to be.

Once you have narrowed down that position, then, in order to short-cut your journey, you might want to search out people who have achieved the kind of success in life you desire. Read their stories. And. Follow and copy what they do. (I have written and article highlighting some personal growth influencers you might like to follow. See these Personal Growth Influencers Article)

How to get started means being intentional.

You need to:

  • Articulate what you want
  • Find that commitment to follow-through. And.
  • Find examples of successful people, and
  • Copy their actions and behaviours, and their core values.

5. What are the factors to success in life

The factors underpinning success in life have been clearly delineated by those many, many people who have been successful in many areas, careers, and society.

Any course, book or seminar or webinar dealing with any topic whatsoever, all commence with this basic outline to success:

    Step1 – Work out what you want/desire and where you want to be

    Step 2 – Set out a plan and develop strategies

    Step 3 – Take action – everyday, adjusting when necessary

Those are the steps.

We’ve all heard them. Read them. And. Have tried to follow them at some stage.

Success in life
Success in life

However, underpinning these steps, the general consensus for Step 1 above, is, that further clarification needs to be adopted. You have to turn that desire into a goal. That goal needs to be, not only clearly articulated. It also needs to be written down. This is what successful people in life espouse.

They also state that, in order for a goal to be more likely to be achievable, it needs to be broken down under these headings:

S – the goals must be for something specific

M – these goals must be measurable – this allows success to be quantifiable

A – they need to be attainable

R – they need to be relevant and realistic – if they are way out there, and the achievement of which seems unrealistic, they will not work

T – they need to be time bound – to eb achieved by when/ a date

If you go to this link you will find many examples of these SMART goals:

I am sure you have read or heard of these steps before, on how to set goals effectively.

Okay. So, further underpinning all of the above, but not explicitly stated, you must also exhibit the following qualities.

You must remain:

  • Focused
  • Be very clear about what you want and if you find that you really do not want to achieve that particular goal, then you need to have the courage to change tack
  • Be persistent and consistent and take action daily
  • You need to be committed to the process
  • You need to maintain an optimistic outlook that you will achieve that goal
  • You need to focus on the process and be able to enjoy the journey because sometimes you may not achieve exactly what you want, but achieve something similar, or even less
  • You need to become more observant about your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, and notice the impact these actions have on the possible outcomes
  • You need to recognise what and how you are changing during this process

Okay. It is quite a mental process. And. It can take an enormous amount of energy and willpower.

So, in summary, this entails these things:

  • being more cognisant during the goal-setting process
  • it could be a long journey to achieving your goals
  • the steps involve the combination of these factors that contribute to overall success for you achieving a goal

We know from eminent psychologist, Abraham Harold Maslow, that he studied human behaviour and came up with a model – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – “a theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority, culminating in self-actualization.” This is like a biological map, compelling you forward, that inbuilt mechanism I mentioned before.

Take a look at this diagram.

Maslow states, there are five levels of behaviours/needs that humans progress through:

Level 1 – Physiological Needs

At the most basic and survival level, humans need: air, water, food, sleep, shelter, clothing and reproduction.

Now, if any of those elements are missing, then the human entity will experience stress: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.           (See my Guide to Letting Go and Moving Forward – where my observation and experience indicates that the majority of the planet are stuck in this first level in that they have not been able to satisfy at least one of their most basic physiological needs.)

The interesting thing is that, even though humans may not have resolved some of these most basic needs, they are still able to tackle higher needs.

 Level 2 – Safety Needs

Once humans have those basic needs met, they next become concerned about protecting what they have, securing their future, their prospects, their employment and their property. So, they set about trying to increase their resources and skills that will keep them feeling safe.

Level 3 – Love and Belonging

Once they have secured their personal resources, they set off to cultivate friendships and intimacy as they desire a sense of connection. Sometimes, because of limited schooling, knowledge and understanding, and because they are still struggling with Levels 1 and 2, they are unable to build adequate social relationships and hence feel disconnected from themselves and others. Witness the huge increase in mental health issues world-wide. The disconnection. The isolation.

Level 4 – Esteem

At some point, the next level of human desire needs to be met, having gained a modicum of mastery over the lower levels, is to want to be esteemed by others. People desire respect and recognition. They want to feel that their lives are meaningful and that they are known, liked and trusted by their peers and hence they will be respected and acknowledged.

Level 5 – Self-actualisation

The last phase of human biological need is the desire to reach some optimal point, their potential. This entails being able to give back to others in meaningful ways. It is also about being able to operate at full potential. It’s a desire to teach others how to reach that stage. And. You will see many leaders, gurus and influencers who have reached this level (to some degree) and desire to help short-cut that journey for others. They want to make a contribution back to society. They want to leave a legacy.

So, when you are looking at personal success in life, being successful in life, the things mentioned above will help give you some pointers as to the steps you need to be aware of. And. That is why education is a major key to on-going success in life.

6. Why education is a major key to success in life

Successful people are leaders in their own life, within the discipline they have chosen. Some move from that position of being a leader to the process of leadership. (You can be a leader without undertaking the complete leadership role.)

Leadership is about bringing out the best in those who follow you as you help motivate them towards a common goal.

Some people are natural born leaders. Others are trained in leadership.

Successful in life

If you want to achieve personal success in life as a leader, you will know that education is one of the major the keys to success in life.

When I speak about education, I am not speaking only about what specific skill-set education you will need to identify, in order to move forward. I am talking about the education of self. That personal growth and development needed to become that better person as you go through life.

When most of the true leaders talk about their journey to success, they tell you that it is not necessarily the achievement of the specific goals they set. And. Many have not achieved those specific goals. However, they all say, they achieved something else. And. The “something else” is: self-mastery. They grew as people. They become better human beings.

So, they are quick to point out, that it is the journey, together with how they responded to challenges along the way, that made them successful.

When I hear people trying to set goals, they go into a kind of deprivation mode and put off being happy until after they have succeeded. They say things like:

“I will be happy when…”

Yet. The truly successful people in life know by experience, that if you are happy first, this will lead to success later on.

However, people confuse what true happiness is and they relate it to self or instant gratification. They may think that partying a lot makes them happy and the use of substances, will keep them on a happiness high, as they pursue their goals.

That is not what happiness really means, even though we know that happiness can come in bursts, especially when you have achieved something, or completed something.

True happiness is about a combination of feelings.

It is about: gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, feeling inner peace and calmness. It is about having a sense of inner ease and contentment, in an on-going way, not attached to the achievement of some end result. The achievement of a goal. It is an on-going state.

So, the real objective in trying to be successful in life is to feel that true happiness on a daily basis, whilst you are going about your daily life, and/or in the pursuit of a goal.

Yes. It’s about face.

You have to feel happy first, and this will give you a more appreciative world-view. Being in that “state of positivity” will help attract the success you desire.

So, the question now should be: “If I am feeling poor, sick, challenged, unmotivated and am coming from a position of “lack” in my life – how can I possibly feel happy?”

Good question.

This is where true education – true searching for an understanding of human behaviour comes into play. Here is an interesting fact.

Can I tell you that this fact, this stat? It has been agreed upon by the gurus in the success, motivation and self-help areas. Only 3% of people achieve their goals, and can be considered to be successful in life.

Phew! Yes. You read that correctly. Only 3%.

So, that means that 97% are left wondering why, how and what has gone wrong for themselves. They blame themselves. They blame others. They’re confused and overwhelmed. However, to my mind, the real answer is, in understanding what is happening here.

The problem arises in the area of decision making.

How to Make a Decision

This particular diagram defines part of my overall approach to wellness. Central to ALL progress is the ability to make a decision and stick to it.

Take a look at this diagram: ”How to Make a Decision Diagram”

This model states that in order to move forward you need to make a decision. You have to decide on what you want and where you want to be – make a goal.

From there you might choose a path, a course of action and undertake personal growth, self-development, or undertake a success course, or some other program, to get you to where you want to be.

Now. As we learned above, the strategy adopted in all of these courses are these three Steps:

  • Decide what you want and where you want to be
  • Make a plan
  • Take action – and adjust accordingly

Sounds easy. Sounds logical. Sounds foolproof.

From my observation and experience as a stress and wellness specialist, I know that “DECISION” is the hardest part. The step that will either make you, or break you.

Most people do not know what they want, or why they might want it, or how to go about getting that desire.

They may know what they don’t want. (The separate issue here is that the subconscious mind cannot process “don’t want”. It interprets that as: “want”. So, if you are constantly saying that you don’t want something that thing or those things are those that will generally show up in your life, instead. And. You keep wondering why. “Don’t want” keeps you in a state of negativity. And that is what you will attract in life.)

The biggest issue here is that, at decision-time, people either cannot commit to the decision, or they know they will fail, because of so many cumulative past failures.

So, then what happens is that some people try to overcome the pull of the subconscious mind, and might undertake a resilience course to strengthen the commitment to the decision. There is a possibility that this might work. In essence, they try to fight against the force of the subconscious mind by using willpower.

Now. The elephant in the room is the conglomeration of past beliefs, experiences, attitudes and habits that have been ingrained into the person’s psyche from early childhood. (This is quite an involved topic and I am not going to go into that in detail. However, if you refer to my Ultimate Guide on Letting Go – you will find a detailed discussion on that topic.)

Needless-to-say, if you want to make a decision, you need to be present and conscious, as this is the function of the conscious mind. Being present is your position of empowerment.

However, you are up against your past, your subconscious mind, whose job it is to keep you safe, generally in the status quo.

To get a mental picture of this, imagine your past, and what governs your life, unobtrusively, is the size of Antarctica. (The size of this country represents the force of your subconscious mind.)

Imagine your ability to make a decision, be present and conscious, is the size of Fiji. (This represents the force, the pulling power of your conscious mind.)

So, why you fail, continue to fail or cannot stick to a decision, make a goal or achieve it, is because Antarctica is pulling hard on Fiji, and generally overwhelming it, or submerging it.

This is an on-going, daily issue, when you want to move from where you are now, to a more preferred position.

How do you deal with that?

You could try willpower. You could double-down on your efforts. But, unfortunately, Antarctica is so much stronger, and has a greater land mass, than you could ever imagine. It also has far-reaching surreptitious power.

So, what is happening in those courses, seminars, books etc, is that authors, genuinely desiring to help you, have all assumed you are all at the same place of consciousness in Step 1 above, and are able to make a decision, and are willing, and able to do so.

But. You are not. People are at different stages, even though they want to, or present themselves as being ready to commence the goal-setting and goal-achievement process.

Briefly, that is why you continue to fail: to make a decision, to commit to a decision, to set a goal, and in the end, not achieve a goal.

From my perspective, that is why education and the study and understanding of these important behavioural issues is important for you to be able to move forward, and be successful in life.

“Know thyself first”.

7. Ways to succeed in life

Okay. So, we know that only 3% of people will be successful using the traditional model of goal-setting. And. Trying to be successful, does not appear to be working for the other 97%, so, what can this group of 97% do?

Success does leave clues.

People who are successful in life tell you. They have been fortunate enough to be able to overcome the Antarctica in their own lives, and somehow keep Fiji afloat.

Ways to succeed in life
Ways to succeed in life

Some of them have invoked an enormous amount of willpower, stickability, persistence and being consistent. They have been able to take advice and put it into practice. Then, they too, will join the elite 3% club.

From my point of view all of these successful leaders and gurus tell you that their most important and valuable lessons they learned along the way was, how to become a better person. It was about who they had become during the process, the journey towards their goal.

To me, that is the missing link. The clue that we need to work on, instead of the end goal, or trying to achieve that end goal.

To be truly successful in life, work on the end result of the process that these successful people went through – who they have become. Not actually going for a specific goal. But. Working out what you need to do, in order to become, who you need to be, so that eventually, you could be able to set and achieve goals, to be successful in life.

So, no goal setting.

Work out who and what you need to become – that better person, and do that instead.

8. Why success in life has been so hard to get and maintain

Your goal to riches, abundance and prosperity has been hampered because you were focused on the wrong end, the wrong things. Focusing on the achievement of goals has hindered your success because this increased the stress in your life. You rattled Antarctica and it did not like that. You threatened to move countries, to Fiji, and your subconscious did not like that.

Why success in life
Why success in life

The other thing is, that when people make goals, sometimes they can be so huge, they can become overwhelmed. So, if you can break them down into smaller chunks, you will be better able to get them, and maintain them.

However, maintenance of a more prosperous life revolves around you continuing to be that successful person. That person who has developed those core values to such an extent, that they change the very nature of who you are, right down to the cellular level.

So, “getting success” is about giving up the goals that most people aspire to, viz great wealth and more possessions – the end result of some specific goal.


Because people think that more possessions will make them feel successful. Mostly, more possessions don’t increase your happiness quotient.

You need to swap these types of goals, for developing those core values, that will make you feel like a successful person, a person, others admire, value and want to be like.

Swap possessions for values.

“Maintaining success” is also not about building your bank balance. It is about working on those core values which make you a “successful person in life”. In that way you short-cut your journey to the objects you desire, by being who you need to be, so that the abundance will be attracted to you more easily.

Abundance will speed towards happy, grateful and appreciative people, not those stuck in negativity, or those coming from a position of “Lack”.

9. How you can become both rich and successful

Let’s take a look at the situation from a different perspective. The diagram below represents the default position for at least 85% of the earth’s population on the consciousness scale. (See Dr David Hawkins’s work: Power v Force). So, it is a good visual to depict your current plight of not being able to be successful in life.

Take a look at this diagram. Diagrammatically, it will show you why you are not successful in life. Remember, successful people in life operate from a set of core values that make them “feel successful” first.

Below the line represents your Antarctica, your subconscious mind, that vast territory that tries to keep us safely doing what we have always done.

If you are stuck below the line, you are stuck in stress and negativity and fear. If you constantly criticise yourself and others. If you feel insecure or have doubts. If you are judgmental, or put yourself and others down, you will have ingrained these feelings/emotions/values, into your psyche. They will be constantly pulling you back from where, and what you want to be, or do.

Above the line represents your Fiji, your conscious mind, that teeny, tiny territory that you keep trying to reach and pin your hopes and dreams and wishes upon. That conscious place, whereby you need to be present and be aware, in order to be able to make rational decisions that have a vague idea of being accomplished.

  • if you are not expressing gratitude and appreciation for what you already have
  • if you are not loving yourself and others
  • if you are not accepting of your challenges in life

…. then your Antarctica will keep pulling you back below the line. Away from your Fiji, your paradise.

Okay. Knowing this now, that to be successful in life, you need to be happy first, you might ask: “How can I become both rich and successful?”

The new approach is:

You need to adopt the new model of becoming the person you want to be first, and that is, that truly successful person. A truly successful person in life lives by some, or all of those core values. When you have mastered those, the next step will be, setting wealth goals.

Why? Because you will then be ready to accept the abundance that will come your way without being hindered by your Antarctica. You can only set possession-type goals, and have a real chance of succeeding, after you have mastered the “successful person” goals. 

Oaky. So, the next question might be: “How can I lift myself out of the effects of my Antarctica, so that I can keep my Fiji afloat, more easily?”

What practical steps can I take?

There are three things that you can do, (which I talk about in my Guide on Letting Go and Moving On.)

These are:

  • have the right kind of therapy
  • instigate a program of correct breathing, and
  • volunteer your services

The “right kind of therapy” is about helping you release the negative beliefs that encapsulate those core values, and which keep them trapped in ice. This helps you access those core values more freely.

With “correct breathing” you will begin to retrain yourself to be more positive, keeping you above the line. Helping you more naturally, and easily, move towards paradise.

The other action you might consider is taking up “volunteering” your services to those in need, so that you increase your compassion, empathy and caring muscles. I know that helped me. Giving back opens up untold passages and abundance, on many different levels.

How you become rich is by becoming a successful person first. Once you have achieved that, you will have trained yourself to be above the line. Fiji will be your new default island, instead of Antarctica. Then your body/mind will be ready to set wealth goals. By then you will already be rich in so many things, those core values that mean more than all the money in the world.

You will find that being appreciative, grateful, content, and being of service to others, changes your life in many ways. Your perspective on life will change, and what is important to you, will also change. You will work out what you truly want. And. It may well be totally different from what you thought you wanted. And.

You will be closer to Fiji than Antarctica, on a more consistent basis. (Note that the process is on-going. You are constantly improving as a person. You never really arrive. You have to keep polishing.)

10. What is the new key secret to being successful in life

Above we talked about Antarctica and what it is comprised of, and how those huge subconscious factors keep making the journey to your Fiji so much harder.

In my book, The Key to Boosting Success in All Areas of Your Life, I set out the major components of Antarctica – which represents ALL of the stress factors which impinge on your life, and that keep holding you back.

Successful in life

Now. Intrinsic to the influence your subconscious has over your life are those unknown or unacknowledged negative beliefs. And. There are generally only nine categories of these, because many other beliefs can be grouped or categorised under those nine headings. Underpinning those nine negative belief categories, are emotions or values that are mostly lacking, in order for the negative belief to remain.

For example, if you have the negative belief that you are “not good enough”, and we all have this one to some extent, in different aspects of our lives, then underpinning that negative belief is the emotion or value of a feeling of “lack of goodness” about ourselves. We feel we are “not good enough”. This means we feel there is nothing “good” about ourselves or within our lives.

So, instead of making this a long and complicated exercise, and a way to short-cut what you might do, a good starting place for working out what and who you want to be, or become, is, to identify those values (about yourself), that you feel are missing, lacking, or those you could work on.

To make this easier I have listed the feelings/emotions/values that underpin these nine general negative beliefs categories.

And these are:

  • Lack of love
  • Lack of joy
  • Lack of peace
  • Lack of patience
  • Lack of kindness
  • Lack of goodness
  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of humility
  • Lack of self-control

When we speak about a lack of love, joy, self-expression, peace, kindness and goodness, we are also speaking about: appreciation, gratitude, acceptance, inner ease, caring, sharing and compassion and being of service to others.

When we speak about patience, we are also speaking about: understanding, empathy, vulnerability, trust, humility, considerateness,  and valuing every person’s worth and contribution.

When we speak about self-control we are primarily talking about: self-care, nurturing and nourishing ourselves instead of punishing ourselves and putting ourselves down through bad choices via instant and self-gratification. We are also taking about being judgmental, critical and coming from a place of fear.

Successful in life

Others have approached this topic differently and have mentioned tips or strategies that you might instigate instead of actually changing or adopting those core values mentioned above. They offer different or best tips for achieving anything you want in life and they have mentioned: focusing on commitment and not on motivation, getting rid of stagnating thoughts, making the journey fun, using your imagination and stop being nice to yourself, and so on. If you find this works better for you, then by all means go for it.

Other writers have also contributed to this topic by delineating the top qualities of successful people. These include: having drive and determination, being self-reliant, using willpower, being passionate, and being optimistic.

Another contribution to the topic states that there are scientifically proven ways to achieve better success in life. These include: confidence is increased by taking action, improve your social skills, train yourself to delay self-gratification, demonstrate passion and perseverance, by embracing a “growth” mindset, and by investing in relationship of all kinds.

I have a slightly different approach.

My model, is the New Model of How to be Successful in Life. This is the new secret. In fact, the key to living a happy and prosperous life, in any area of your life.

So, work on solidifying your core values so that you become a successful person first, kind and compassionate and caring towards yourself and others, first, then towards others. You simply will not be able to express your humanness in an effective way, unless, and until, you can apply those to yourself, first.

So, if you do not understand what these values really mean, read stories about compassionate and caring individuals such as Mother Teresa or the Dali Lama, or some other leader you admire, who exhibits those traits.

Briefly, for example, the Dali Lama, who is considered to be a world leader in his field, and as a successful person, is considered to have these qualities: compassion, kindness, wisdom, humility and simplicity.

Whereas, Mother Teresa is said to embody these qualities: compassion, of being mindful, and being selfless.

So, what do you want to be known for? What ideal qualities will you stand for? What will people say, or what do you want people to say about you?

To be Successful, people always arrive at this same spot. To be really successful you have to be of service to others. You serve your customers, you serve your staff, you serve yourself when you implement this way of life.

Following on from that, you now have to ask, how did they arrive at that end?

What needed to change in their lives for this to happen?

Did a responsibility awakening occur, after having so many customers enter their lives? What was the tipping point?

As a general rule, all truly successful people have one basic thing in common. At some stage in their journey they have found out, or it was revealed to them, via trial and error, that they needed to become a better person, a better version of themselves. And. That is why, when you set goals, the achievement of the end result is not so much important, as is, the journey, and what you learnt over time.

Most of the great leaders in their field, have become elevated to a higher plane because they have realised what really is important in life. What matters. And. What matters is what values you hold and how you stick to them, no matter what. When they found that they were ignorant or inconsistent or were less than those examples around them, they found the way to change. They changed for the better.

What is “the better”?

At our core all humans embody these qualities/values/traits – mentioned above. It is what makes us different from animals. It is what makes us able to implement policy and change for the good of all, or as many as possible. That is why there are laws and rules and regulations. It is to focus and move behaviour towards a more human end. A more compassionate and caring end. It is about treating everyone equally. Caring about their lives. Making a difference in others around you. By default, you make your own life better.

What these basic human values/traits/characteristics that will guarantee your personal success in life, in any area you choose, some have been delineated above. Others you need to discover yourself.

Hopefully this Guide has given you the impetus to move forward.

What will you do now?

Being successful in life made easy!

How good is that?

Simply reaching something, some end goal, will not cut it.

There is no magic pill here.

You need to understand and embody the values made explicit above. You need to make a commitment to the process. Not the end result of the goals.

Succinctly, you need to take action by recommencing your journey to being successful in life from a different starting place.

Thanks to this guide, you now have that knowledge, that direction, the map and the new key to achieving that personal success in life.

Now, it’s your turn to take up the mantle and get to work.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Are you ready to do this?

About the Author: Celine Healy is a speaker, writer, blogger, and a trainer on topics such as: stress, wellness, leadership and corporate well-being. Celine is also passionate about mental and physical health. Celine approaches these topics from a scientific point of view. “If you can’t measure something, you will never understand it.” Discover what leadership qualities you need and how to assess them by utilising the information in The Ultimate Guide to Improving Leadership Qualities Through Empowerment ( in 2019)  Connect with Celine: FBT and LI. Visit Celine’s website:

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  1. An impressive share! I have just forwarddd this onto
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    And he actually ordered me breakfast because I found it forr him…
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    1. I am glad you liked my article on personal success in life.
      I hope you find my site on leadership and coroporate wellness beneficial.


    What an explicit article abour personal success. I have come to realize that there is no shortcut to success in life. If you go through the alternatuve route to personal succes, it brings temporal happiness and sweetness and eternal condemnation.

    1. Too true. personal success in life is about unravelling the layers. it takes time. However, increased happiness is one of the benefits.

  3. This was a very enlightening article. One point stood out on me though. The fact that success in life is hard to maintain because at times life gives you curve balls when you least expect it. However, I believe that never forgetting the reason why you are doing all this that would really help. Never loose sight of what made you have that success.

    1. Yes. To maintain success in life is hard. However, if you do the work to keep present and in a positive frame of mind you will continue to succeed.

  4. Personal success in life is greatly dependent on what we can do and feel differently. Be creative and unique will really help us be on a greater way to success.

    1. Being creative, comes more easily to those who are born with this inherent skill. That is part of having personal success in life. being more positive more often allows for a person to be present. being present allows for the person to open up to creativity.

  5. Everyone wants to be successful in life. Thus this course sounds enlightening.

    1. Sometimes it is not obvious that people want to be successful in life due to the choices they make that hinder progress. Success is a journey.

  6. Achieving personal success in life for me also needs serious personal input. It needs one figuring out what would work for one and living by it.

  7. David Mureithi

    Personal success is very crucial in building someones confidence. Confidence is built upon successes.

    1. You have to have the little wins, the personal successes in life before you gain confidence. Repetition of any ritual is necessary to achieve that.

  8. Maury Cheskes

    Great points on achieving personal success in life. I also think it’s important to always have goals in mind on self growth while having a positive attitude. We shape our futures by believing in ourselves and I think it’s great for self-esteem realizing what makes you stand out and unique. I truly believe anyone with the ability to keep pushing forward will find self-gratitude and fulfillment.

    1. Yes. However, as you say, it is about building self-esteem, one step at a time. The wins allows for more belief. Having goals gives you direction. Life is about a continuation of learning and personal development. Gratitude is also part of living that kind of life, a life towards improvement.

  9. Success in life is everyone’s dream, especially success in young age to achieve it must be paid with hard struggle. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. David, success in life may well be the goal of everyone. However, success means different things to different people. Success to me is about being in more control of what I think about, feel about and what I do. The more present I am the better I feel.

  10. Wilson Jake

    Personal success isnt just easily acquired without an extra sacrifices. Convey it, hunger for it and it will be yours. Lovely piece

    1. hi Wilson. I ma glad you liked the piece on personal success. it does take work and concentrated effort. But. Little by little you can achieve that.

  11. Everyone has different of views about success in life. Thanks for sharing this article. Learned a lot from it.

    1. Yes. Anna. Everyone’s idea of success is different, and thank God for that. Success in life for an unemployed person could just mean having a job.

  12. Oyeyipo Oladele

    Corporate Wellness Solutions can be best to achieving personal success in life if well taken as guide. Though achieving it isn’t an easy one, just take the guide and you are good to go.

    1. To achieve success in life for staff companies need to instigate corporate wellness solutions. These actually help resolve stress, increase well-being and hence productivity.

  13. Achieving personal success in life can be so hard but just a little effort will make us there. Life feels fulfilling when you succeed. Love piece, I wish many can see it

    1. Success in life means that you have to choose a path. Some things along that path you may well need to give up. And then there are some things that you need to add, especially a positive mind-set.

  14. Meldred Judith

    Success in life is in every individual. We just need to work on it and pray at the same time. The power of positivity always.

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